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What resources/topics are you most looking forward to bringing to your clients? (Choose all that apply)
Health & Longevity
Where are you at in your career as an advisor?
Still actively involved in the day-to-day operations
Primarily meeting with clients and prospecting
Meeting with a select few clients and spending less time IN the business
Considering what my own next chapter looks like as I'm close to exiting
When it comes to experiences, what do you define as an unforgettable experience?
Five Star type service where everything is taken care of for you
New places with new people
Relaxation, rejuvenation and beautiful landscape
Behind the scenes type excursions that the general population may not even know exist
If we were sitting here three years from today, reflecting back over the last 3 years...
What has to have happened to make you feel like those years were a massive success?
Before you submit, please ensure you have everything accurately filled out. 
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