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Wealth means so much more when the definition extends beyond money

What happens when you've finally "made it" and have more than enough money to support your lifestyle?

The wealthiest of people have found that money often isn't enough. Picture this... You're sitting on a pristine beach with crystal clear waters, watching your children or grandchildren playing in the sand. Your spouse is smiling happily by your side. You've worked so hard to get to this point. To have created a life of luxury and the freedom to spend your time as you please. Yet, you've never felt more empty and alone. You thought this was the American Dream, however, you embarrassingly feel like all the money in the world isn't quite enough. You crave something more. You crave a life beyond wealth. One of significance. One of impact. A life of purpose, legacy and fulfillment.      

While this can paint a dreary picture, you're not alone in your journey. Once your needs, wants and desired status level is met, a brand new "need" emerges. That is the desire to become all that you were put on this earth to be. 

As famous American businessman Keith Cunningham states, "Hell on earth would be meeting the man or woman you were meant to be."

That is why The Dream Architect™ Life was created.
After 40+ years of being in the wealth planning business, even after people have accumulated wealth to accomplish their financial objectives, four themes continued to jump out that weren't being met or fulfilled. Beyond wealth, we find the key quality of life pillars are Health, Purpose, Legacy and Experiences. To help close that gap we decided to collaborate with world-class professionals in each of these key categories.
The Dream Architect™ Life was created to be the most comprehensive platform for people of wealth to take their lives to the next level and live out their dreams.
You already know what it means to build the wealth that supports even more than what your lifestyle demands. What you may not know is that once that is accomplished, there are common themes people begin to look for to truly create a life of fulfillment.
Imagine how your life would be if you were in your most ideal health, your legacy was created while you're still here to enjoy it, you share out of this world experiences with people you love, all while continuing to have a purpose that is more than a career, a business or a title. That's what The Dream Architect Life is all about.
Our essence: We believe in creating an exceptional quality of life, that gives you access to world-renowned professionals, and gets you the collaboration you need to build your Dream Architect Life.  
The Dream Architect™ Life is a series of select and exciting 3-day immersive events that dive deep into the five main pillars needed to achieve exceptional quality of life: Wealth, Purpose, Health & Longevity, Legacy, and Experiences.
These three-day immersive events equip you with the tools to live longer, be happier, and inspired with greater purpose, along with building lasting friendships in a community of like minded individuals.
During the Dream Architect™ Life Immersive experiences, you will gain a deeper relationship with loved ones, resources and tools, connections, certainty, courage, confidence, community, and more!
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Bryan & Brittany

Are you ready for this life changing experience?

Join us for a life changing 2-day event

Live Immersive - Dallas TX
March 27-29, 2023 
Health & Longevity Immersion
We've partnered with the top brain & body scan and longevity specialists in the US to provide you with a full brain and body scan, blood panel and more to take proactive measures on your health.  
For most people, it's sick care, the only solve is a prescription or surgery. In fact, 80% of people over the age of 40 have underlying issues that are asymptomatic. With the professionals we have gathered, we are going to help you move from sick care to preventative care.
In fact, if anything serious is found, we can get you an appointment with an expert within 2 days. No more waiting months for a specialist
While the emphasis will be on health, there is so much more to this immersive. It will be an experience you will remember forever!
Live Immersive - Miami FL
september 26-28, 2023 
health & longevity immersion
As the Chinese Proverb says, "He who has their health has 1000 dreams; he who does not have their health has only one."

For this immersive experience we are headed back to Dallas for another session with some of the leading specialists in the longevity space. Through a combination of brain and body scans, blood panels and more, you will learn how to be even more proactive in regards to your current and future health.

Check out the details to the left on what you can expect in this 2 1/2 day experience! 

That's not all... we will also have a session to kick things off where you will hone in on WHY having a purpose beyond the day-to-day is important to a successful future! 
Live Immersive - Asheville NC
november 2-3, 2023 business immersion
Where can you find the ways to better incorporate AI, growth strategies, longevity tactics and potentially increasing your business value upon exit, all in one place? 

Look no further than the inaugural Business Immersive event to be hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah! 

This invite only event will bring together bright business and entrepreneurial minded individuals looking to collaborate and grow together. Being a business owner can be a lonely journey. This carefully crafted community will make you feel like you're right at home. 

You may come for the content and connections, but you will stay for the caliber of people who will move from acquaintance to collaborator to friend.
The Dream Architect Life Pillars
Life Pillars

For 3 Days You Will Experience new possibilities!


A customized and secure investment strategy is a must, as is a creative tax reduction plan. It’s also important to have a streamlined, coordinated platform where the advisors inspire you to imagine and act on your goals. But once you already know about financial success and wealth protection, what’s next? The Dream Architect™ Life Immersive helps redefine wealth. We do this by teaching you how to live with a wealthy mindset, one that increases your lifespan and dream span. That’s when the next four pillars come into play.


Over the years we've witnessed many business owners and entrepreneurs as well as people in high profile positions who when faced with a major transition, such as a business sale or a decision to move on from the success they created, often lose their sense of purpose. Their identity tends to be tied to what they have accomplished versus who they are meant to be. This is why we've created a community who help rediscover and reinvent your purpose, all while making the process fun along the way.


Wealth without health loses its relevance. Living a pain-free, mobile, and vibrant life is essential to achieving exceptional quality of life. Unfortunately for many, they are unaware of the many resources out there that go beyond your traditional "sick management" that is our medical system. The good news is that we have cultivated some of the most brilliant minds who are finding new ways to help people be proactive with their health versus reactive when it may be too late. To this end, you will have access to leading specialists and technologies to diagnose your health and roadmap your path to healthier living and help increase your longevity bias.


When people think of legacy they often think of what happens when they're gone. What many don't realize is that your legacy can be created, enjoyed and celebrated while you are still here to enjoy it. Your legacy goes beyond an estate plan, an extension of values and a focus on the next generation. Legacy is about impact, experiences and lifetimes of generosity. We've cultivated a group of professionals who can help guide you on what it means to celebrate your lifetime achievements, all while building a future that you get to participate in.


Having amazing friendships, creating great memories, and shaping our lives with transformational experiences make for an extraordinary life. Through the Dream Architect community, you will be exposed to extraordinary achievers and thinkers who trigger mindset shifts to start checking off your life's bucket list items. Experiences are often associated with travel. While new sights, landscapes and cultures are all wonderful, there is so much more to cultivating meaningful experiences than just location. What our community has found is that truly transformational experiences make for an extraordinary life. It's more than navigating a bucket list, it's about being intentional about your wildest dreams.

By the end of our immersive experiences, you will know how to live longer, be happier, create even more opportunity for your future and be inspired with greater purpose.

What will you get from your Life Immersive experience?

Access to The Dream Architect™ Life immersive events provide you with an experience that is carefully curated around the 5 Pillars we've found people to focus on once their wealth bucket is full.

Just a life-enhancing experience with a group of people who are building a life beyond wealth!


If you want to live longer and be healthier, this is a remarkable opportunity.
We encourage you to bring a spouse or business partner (spouses LOVE this experience!)
Here’s what we’re going to do:
  • You’ll get a FULL body and a brain scan.
  • Each one is <5 minutes and there are no dyes, needles and you have your clothes on.
  • The scan is from the thyroid to the groin and scans all your major organs and vessels. The brain scan looks at injuries and white matter.
  • ​If anything is found, you will be connected with a specialist within 48 hours. No more waiting months and months to be seen!
We will have our peptide doctor present. You’ll learn the latest in life-extension and advanced healing all while gaining knowledge and access to simple, affordable (and safe) treatments. These are things you can give yourself that have all sorts of profound benefits.
When you participate in the Dallas Health & Longevity Immersive, you will get to see Bryan's actual results from his own experience with the Advanced Body Scan clinic. 
We’ll also enjoy gourmet dinners and exclusive restaurants...each being a unique experience on their own…and much more! The best part is, everything is included in your registration! All you need to do is book your ticket to Dallas and everything else is on us.
The Health & Longevity 3-Day Immersion is built around:
COLLABORATION: The people you surround yourself with define the quality of your world. If they suck, your life will suck. Creating our own ecosystem is at the core of the Health & Longevity Immersion.
EXPANSION: If you’re not expanding, you're dying. Your relationships, your business, and your purpose all must continue to grow. We’re on a mission of growth on all fronts — from life extension to the latest financial opportunities.
REINVENTION: The world owes you nothing but change, and the only way to stay relevant is reinvention. Surround yourself with big thinkers who will push your buttons, challenge you, and support you in this process.
Is this for you?
What We Care About:
  • You’ve done great stuff and bring value to the group
  • You have a soul-level yearning to create more purpose
  • You’re committed to growth and reinvention
  • ​You’re open, vulnerable, and coachable
  • ​You have an abundance mindset
  • ​You have an almost pathological ability to spot opportunities (for yourself and others)
  • ​You’re curious about cutting-edge technology and trends you can incorporate into your business and your life
  • ​You are interesting to AND interested in the world around you
Bryan & Brittany

Take our Assessment to figure out what matters most to your Iife beyond wealth.

Grab a free copy of our latest book, Dream Architecture™! 

Build A Retirement Beyond What's Possible - Book Cover
What's your biggest, wildest dream of what the next chapter of your life could look like?
Not the dream you think is reasonable. Your best dream. The unreasonable one. The one you might have trouble admitting even to yourself.
What if it could be even better than that?
In this new, breakthrough follow-up to Dare to Dream, Brittany Anderson and Bryan Sweet redefine what it means to dream big when it comes to retirement. Having dedicated their lives to helping people just like you plan for and achieve impossible dreams, Anderson and Sweet now share their secrets for unlocking the full potential of your imagination and your retirement.
Follow The Dream Architect™ process step by step to reignite your creativity, think like a kid again, and unlock the dreams that are already inside you, just waiting to be discovered. Don't settle for a status-quo retirement. Pick up Dream Architecture™ today and build a retirement beyond what's possible.

By Invitation only

The Dream Architect™ Life: Immersive Experiences Created For Those Who Are Looking for 'What's Next' That Will Help You Live A Longer, More Fulfilled Life.

The Dream Architect™ Life Immersive will bring to you an experience you'll always remember, with different locations in the US. The immersive will focus on five main pillars: wealth, purpose, health and longevity, legacy, and experience. You will spend two days days finding out how to live a more meaningful life, how to live longer, become happier, and inspired with greater purpose.
We are limiting participation so we can truly help each individual figure out what matters most in building a life beyond wealth. You must apply for access, and from there we will decide if this program is the right fit for you. If you wish to partake in these immersives, please take our assessment and apply for membership. 
We will be in contact with you to inform you of your access status. 

Meet Your Life Immersive Hosts

Brittany anderson
Brittany Anderson
Brittany is the co-founder of Dare to Dream Enterprises and the co-host of The Dream Architect Life podcast. A true entrepreneur by nature, Brittany is not only the president and shareholder of a premier wealth planning firm, but has also created multiple business ventures, serving a variety of industries. Her insights have been featured in national media outlets such as Forbes, Barrons, Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, Inc., Private Wealth magazine, and AssetTV. As a four-time author, Brittany has had the opportunity to speak at exclusive events like the Million Dollar Round Table global conference, Raymond James national conference, Elite Wealth Advisor Symposium and many others. She speaks on showing up each day to be more than a title, more than a label and on helping others pursue a life that fulfills their purpose. You will soon find that Brittany's energy is contagious, and her ability to help people live in to their why is unparalleled.
BrYan Sweet
Bryan has been on the mission to help people live their retirement dreams since the start of his career in financial services back in 1979. Having been recognized for his trademarked process, The Dream Architect™ in major publications such as Forbes, Inc., Barrons, Entrepreneur magazine, Wall Street Journal, and many more, Bryan has helped wealthy individuals realize their biggest dreams for decades. With Bryan’s vast industry experience, he is also partnered in multiple entities including Ultimate Advisor Coaching and the Elite Wealth Advisor Symposium. Both of these entities support high-performing financial advisors across the United States in the growth and scaling of their businesses. The bottom line is that Bryan thrives on helping others experience the growth and freedom that he has created in building multiple world-class businesses, all while living the life of his dreams.
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